Recruitment for over 50’s

by | Mar 24, 2023 | News | 0 comments

Recent news stories of a lack of jobs for over 50s has perplexed recruiters at North West based Care at Home Group who were stunned to find that, despite a record number of new recruits in January, applications from the over 50s made up just 5% of the total.

The company’s demand for a high number of new staff follows the launch of their complex care division which provides intensive support 24/7 for children, young people and adults across Cheshire and Merseyside.

“Our complex care clients require at least 1:1 support, and whilst we are delighted to have taken on 44 new staff in January, only two of those are over 50, which simply does not match what we’re hearing is a market flooded with people with lots of the skills and the life experience that would benefit our clients, and our local community”.

Karl Jacobie, Chief Executive of Care at Home Group, thinks a reason this sector of society may be reluctant to apply is because of the care sector’s poor history of staff recognition and reward.

This is an issue that Karl and his management team are keen to end, though Karl is adamant that the abundance of jobs doesn’t mean that they will accept just anyone.

“Simply put, carers and healthcare staff do an amazing job and offer a bit of their heart to their clients. They look after some of the most vulnerable people in our communities and I believe that they deserve better recognition for the work that they do.

“As a company we’re trying to create a better perception of the industry. By raising our game in terms of training, ongoing career support and our innovative rewards package, and promoting the positive work that our carers do every day.

“My team know that my motto is that we must be prepared to go the extra mile to help our clients smile, and if they achieve that every day, we’ve done a good job!”

Care at Home Group are welcoming applications for a number of roles from people with experience or none – though they are particularly keen to see an increase the number of applications from the over 50s.