Registered Manager: Tina Taylor

Hello my name is Tina Taylor I am the new manager responsible for the Wirral team At care at home group.

I have 14 years background in domiciliary care, and I am passionate about care work, I have worked in various positions from care worker through to manager so I understand the how complex the role of a care worker can be.

People often ask me why I do a job that is often stressful, thankless and often takes over home life, and my answer is always the same!

I love my job! I want to make a difference to someone’s life, for me its about making sure our most vulnerable are being well cared for, our elderly and vulnerable have given so much to our country and society that they deserve to be comfortable, happy and secure and I want to be the person that helps to achieve that.

For me quality is everything, our elderly deserves the best care possible and we owe it to them to deliver, We don’t always get it right and we do make mistakes but we are only human, we have to learn from what we don’t do well in order to get it right and move forward, so we are always looking at ways to improve.

Quality is happiness, if we have happy staff, we will get quality care. Which in turn makes happy service users and that is what makes my heart warm and my fire glow.

I joined Care at Home Group because they hold the same values as me, their ethos is about having a happy workforce and happy customers.

I am excited for my future here with Care at Home and I am happy to be part of a great team.

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