Registered Manager: Rob Lowe

I’m Rob and I am the Registered Manager for Care At Home Group’s Warrington and Liverpool branches.

I have worked in care for most of the past 20 years in a number of different settings. Initially working with children in a residential care home, I leant many valuable skills and started to build my knowledge and understanding of what good quality care looked like.

My first role as a Homecare Worker was with Care At Home Group in 2013 and it was here that I began to see the huge positive impact that supporting someone to stay at home has on their wellbeing. It quickly became very important to me to be able to manage how this care was delivered and to ensure that it was done so to the highest possible standard, to each and every person who used my service. Since 2013 I have been able to do this by ensuring that the service recruited only the very best cares, that these cares were also cared for by the company and that their own needs were met; and by promoting and ethos of person centred, companionship lead care.
I strongly believe that it is a privilege to provide care and support to people and assist them in their daily lives to retain their independence.
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CQC overall rating
26 June 2019
Needs Improvement

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