Being at home is where we all feel happiest and most comfortable. Our homes are not just bricks and mortar, they are memories and feelings. Having to sell and leave your home can be a traumatic experience. CARE AT HOME allows you to avoid this stressful situation and remain in your home by offering flexible and individualised care packages to suit your specific requirement

At CARE AT HOME we have been caring for people for over 25 years across Cheshire, Merseyside and Wirral. We are a privately-owned company and are not part of any large faceless corporate or franchise operation, and therefore, do not have any targets or rules imposed on us. This means we can be flexible and fully focused on your needs first and foremost.

We can help share some of the burden, we offer free consultations with you and your family members so they can fully understand how their loved ones will be looked after, they can even meet one of the team of carers assigned to you on the first visit as part of our Introduction Service.

Our Home care services can be helpful to people who are getting older, are chronically ill, recovering from surgery, disabled and even for those diagnosed with a terminal illness. Care is provided. by fully trained professional carers who provide daily assistance to ensure the activities of daily living are met.


Failure to keep up with daily routines such as bathing and toothbrushing? Are the lights working? Is the heat on? Are the dishes washed is the house clean?


Does your loved one get lost in areas they know well? Struggling to remember names of friends or family or cannot recall an important recent conversation?


Does your loved one have difficulty navigating a narrow stairway? Have they fallen recently? Are they able to read directions on medication containers?


Has your loved one unintentionally lost weight? Do you know why? Are they eating? Do they sometimes forget or possibly need assistance preparing or eating a meal?

Have you noticed a change in mood or attitude? Are there any unusual signs of aggression or frustration that is out of character?

Are they connecting with friends and family? Have they maintained interest in going out or other usual activities?

Are they reluctant or unable to walk usual distances? Do they stumble or fall? Would they benefit from a cane or walker?

Keeping your mind active and stimulated is always important. A noticeable disinterest in a hobby could be a sign of the beginning of cognitive impairment.

Our Home care services can also be beneficial to an existing carer or the family of someone who requires care, by helping them with additional support and services including overnight care.

Home care can cover many areas and here at CARE AT HOME we offer a flexible range of services such as:

Home Care

Home Care

From getting out of bed and dressing in the morning, to bathing, grooming, meal preparation, and going to bed at night, we can help you retain your independence and keep you living in your own home for longer.

Overnight Care

Overnight Care

Home care doesn’t stop at the end of the day. Our Carers also provide overnight care so you and your loved ones can rest comfortably through the twilight hours too. We offer both wake nights as well as sleep nights depending on your needs.

Alzheimer's Home Care

Alzheimer’s Home Care

We believe that remaining in your own home, in familiar surroundings and maintaining a continuity in routine, can make a huge difference to the quality of life experienced, by those suffering from Alzheimer’s.

Dementia Home Care

Dementia Home Care

We support people with dementia, enabling them to continue to live at home safely. Our staff are trained to deal with the behaviours that come with dementia, with respect, compassion and professionalism.

Palliative Care for end of life care at home

Palliative Care

Having end of life care at home means your family member can remain in the place they feel most comfortable, surrounded by their possessions, memories and  loved ones.

Convalescing & Respite Care

Convalescing & Respite Care

No matter how committed you are to the needs of your loved one, it is important to make time for yourself. We are here to step in, at those times when you need to step out.

Companionship services


Whether you would like to attend a family wedding, go on an outing or are simply looking for someone to reminisce with, our Companionship services are there to help.

Personalised Services include shopping, vacuuming, laundry

Personalised Services

If you are looking for help with your shopping, vacuuming, laundry or simply to water the plants, our range of Personalised Services will help you to maintain your independent lifestyle.