Personalised Services

Maintaining your independence and staying in your own home involves more than just Personal Care. Here at Care At Home we know that managing a household means having to do laundry, cleaning, housekeeping, food management, gardening, house maintenance and lots more. Thats why we have introduced our range of Personalised Services, all designed to keep you comfortable, in your own home, for longer.

We directly employ professionals in many different areas, such as Chiropody, hair and beauty, gardening and landscaping, so you can relax in the knowledge that all our services are supported by the Care At Home philosophy or Respect, Dignity and Integrity.

Help with washing and ironing

Take out rubbish

Supervise home maintenance

Care for houseplants

Help with general shopping

Wedding Accompaniment

Provide light housekeeping

Dusting and vacuuming

Make beds and change bed linen

Answer the door

Meal preparation and tidy away

Check food expiry dates

Organise wardrobes and cupboards

Oversee home deliveries

Dog Walking

Prepare shopping lists

Drop off and collect dry cleaning






Assist with pet care